Hinge Handle For Electric Scooter

Hinge Handle For Electric Scooter

This project is for the popular electric scooter in the market, all the beams, hginges, handles,etc. YSY got the design from our partners, and our engineering teams studies the drawing carefully, and optimize the design, we make the handle with tooling to keep the angle degree to performce shape, and we set up the JIG for welding to control the welding position; for the hinges, YSY used precise cnc machining to control the measurement, YSY quality control team checks all the samples carefully to control all the key measurement, and once testing the matching of each parts; then YSY start to do the assembly work, and design the package based on the samples. With high quality production levels, YSY did the surface finishing with sandy blast firstly, then anodzing, the we did the laser cutting for the logo, and for the cap, after machining, then we did gauffre on the round edges, then surface finishing, and silk print of the marking. 

Material: ALUMINUM6061

Finish: Anodized black matt + electroplate

Processing: CNC Machining, Knurling, bending mold, Welding mold

Assemble parts: Upper Hinge, Lower Hinge, washer, pin, handle

Application: Parts for electric scooter

Situation: Outdoor

Electric Scooter (1)
Electric Scooter (2)
Electric Scooter (4)
Electric Scooter (5)
Electric Scooter (6)

Post time: Dec-19-2022

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