This project is one complex controller for Intelligent equipment, YSY provides whole production and assembly for the boxes. After studying and comfirming the final drawing, our production manager used the material of the spcc, all the tolerance was under 0.02mm for all the holes, especially for the matching of the screen with the body, all the buttons and plugs measurements were double checked by our engineer and tested one by one before final assembly. YSY provides suggestions for our partners to improve the space of inside, and make the assembly much easier, and adjust some positions of the PCB board 

Material: ALUMINUM5052-H32

Finish: Powder coating black

Processing: Laser cutting, bending, welding, powder coating

Assemble parts: Fan, switches, Socket, Touch Screen,heat sink,BananaPi,power supply,circuit,HD MI_male_cable

Application: Connect WiFi and used in beer brewing system

Situation: humid

chemlli (1)
chemlli (2)
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Post time: Dec-19-2022

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